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LOLER Examinations

Safe and successful lifting and lowering operations heavily rely upon the safety of the equipment used. Poor maintenance, age or simple wear and tear can cause equipment to fail, often resulting in damage to property, injury or even death.

LOLER examinations for the safety of your tree climbing kitIt is paramount to a climber’s safety that climbing and rigging equipment is regularly checked for damage.  LOLER (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998) is a thorough examination to ensure your climbing and rigging equipment complies.

Ben Saxton is a fully qualified LOLER inspector who can examine your equipment. Contact us for details about our LOLER examinations.

There are three types of inspection necessary to comply with LOLER:

1) Pre-use inspection (before every use)

All operators using the climbing or rigging equipment must be able to indentify defects or damage that will make it unsafe to use.

2) Interim  Inspection

Interim inspections should be carried out weekly, between thorough examinations, on items subject to day to day use. These inspections are usually carried out by the operator or supervisor. The results should be documented and be available at thorough examination stage.

3) Thorough Examination

A thorough examination must be carried out by a competent and qualified person at intervals specified by the competent person carrying out the inspection.

The interval between thorough examinations is usually no more than 6 months for PPE, and 12 months for rigging equipment.


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